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A Little Taste of Heaven with Eve Bledsoe     Airs Sunday   6a-9a      Listen Now


Big Band Scene with Jerry Swanberg   Airs Sunday 10p-11p   Monday 7p-8p     Listen Now


The Bing Shift with Arne Fogel  Airs Sunday 8p-9p     Listen Now


Blue Friday with Calvin Worthen   Airs Friday 8p-9p   Listen Now


Bluegrass Review with Phil Nusbaum  Airs Saturday 11a-noon   Listen Now


Bluegrass Saturday Morning with Phil Nusbaum  Airs Saturday 7a-11a    Listen Now


Bluesville with Kevin Barnes   Airs Friday 9p-11p   Listen Now


Bridge to the Blues with Bobby Vandell  Airs Friday 7p-8p   Listen Now


The Funktion with Nate Milstein  Airs Thursday 9p-11p   Listen Now


Jazz at MPS   Airs Monday 8p-9p   Listen Now


Jazz Futures   Airs Wednesday and Thursday 7p-9p   Listen Now


Jazz in the Target Atrium   Airs select Saturdays, 9p   Listen Now


Jazz Noir 2015- Morning Follows Night     Listen Now


Jazz Originals with Butch Thompson   Airs Sunday 6p-7p and Tuesday 7p-8p   Listen Now


The Lead Sheet with Andrea Canter   Airs Thursday 4:40p and Friday 8:20a   Listen Now


Minnesota Jazz Tracks  Airs Monday 9p-11p     Listen Now


Paraiso Musical with Graciela Mendez   Airs Sunday 1p-4p      Listen Now


The Playroom with Patty Peterson   Airs Sunday 4p-6p   Listen Now


School News      Listen Now


Sinatra and Friends with Wayne Selly   Airs Sunday 9p-10p   Listen Now


Soul Village with Chris Harwood  Airs Wednesday 9p-11p  Listen Now


String Theory with Kevin Barnes  Airs Saturday  1p-3p   Listen Now


Sunday Morning Jazz   Airs Sunday 9a-Noon     Listen Now


Talkin' About Jazz with Joan Griffith   Airs select Saturdays, 9 pm    Listen Now


TEMPO with Genaro Vasquez  Airs Saturday  7p-10p    Listen Now


Twin Cities Weekend with Phil Nusbaum   Airs Monday 9:30 pm and Thursday 11:25 am and 6:25 pm   Listen Now